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We are active / aggressive in reducing our carbon footprint on the Earth.   We believe that the Earth is our mother and we must be in balance with the rhythms of nature.  A green company is one that lives in harmony with all the inhabitants of the Earth.  Humans are part of this world, not outside of it.   Our modern economic system is based on a misguided philoslphy.  It will, by it's nature, crash.  Global warming and the destruction of the planet by mankind is a reality.  Only those who are paid by large corporate interests say otherwise.  The changes that are taking place on the planet should be obvious even to the most obtuse observer.    Therefore, we are trying to be as energy independent as possible.  We want to do our part.


bulletclothing - etc.
bulletcomposting of all kitchen scraps, and yard waste
bulletwhen shopping we bring our own bags
bulletwe have stainless steel water bottles and have stopped buying bottled water (ours system is double filtered)

We recycle as much as we can.


bulletelectricity - all studio illumination provided by LED lights which are up to 98% more efficient
bulletgas - we are in the process of purchasing a nessan leaf 100% electric car
bulletwater - all the toilets and shower heads are low flow.
bulletwater - we collect rain water for washing cars etc.

Power Generation

bulletwe have made our own battery banks that can run for months at a time to generate small amounts of electricity.
bulletwe conserved so much that solar & wind power will soon be our major source of power.
bulletBackup power - we use a tri fuel generator (gas, natural gas and propane) we run the generator off of propane.
bulletThe studio will run for several hours if the main power goes out.  So far it has been enough time to finish an recording session.   This actually happened once read more here.

Our goal is to be 100% alternative power in the near future.

More coming soon.

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we are updating our pages please email any questions or call us, we'll be happy to talk with you about your project.


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