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C. Waitz, is an up and coming rapper from the Delaware Valley.   “Corrupted Youth” is his official freshman EP debut into the rap world on the Slot-1 label.   C. Waitz got a taste of popularity as he climbed local leader boards in Philadelphia area rap battles when he was 15.  Fellow students crowded to hear him freestyle, as he performing in school concerts doing both covers and originals  such as his “I’m C. Waitz”.

His explosion and local celebrity in the rap game started to grow by winning his high school’s “Mr. Haven” shows.  C. Waitz keeps on moving up the charts as he looks to become a household name.  

Listeners who like: Childish Gambino, Logic, G Easy, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Watsky, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, Kanye and Chris Brown will like C. Waitz.

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